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Aim and scope

  Despite the impressive scenario of promising applications of memristors, nanomaterials and devices, there is still a serious fundamental problem to be solved before any further development in this scientific area and related technology, due to the role of multistability and noise affecting memristive system.
  The resistive switching, or “memristive effect”, has indeed a pronounced stochastic nature and, as revealed experimentally, resistive switching devices show multiple memory states. Therefore, the memristor appears as a multistable system, whose switching dynamics occurs in the presence of noise with intensity comparable to the height of energy barriers separating the stable and metastable states of the system.
  To use memristors as memory elements in resistive random access memory (RRAM) and neuromorphic systems one needs to significantly extend the understanding of the resistive state switching process, while taking into account the multistability and the role of internal and external noise sources in the transient dynamics of such nonlinear systems.

  While fitting the general context of complex systems, metastability, and the constructive role of noise in nonlinear systems, the meeting focuses on memristorsThe Conference indeed brings together leading experts and research groups, working on the development of memristors as building blocks for quantum and neuromorphic computing, but it is also addressed to scientists interested in the challenging problems connected with the dynamics of nonequilibrium multistable systems and memristor devices, from both theoretical and experimental point of view. The Conference will be a discussion forum to promote new ideas in this promising research field, concerning stochastic nonlinear models, phase transitions phenomena in memristive devices, control of memory lifetime, and memcomputing.
  The Course “New Trends in Nonequilibrium Stochastic Multistable Systems and Memristors” belongs to the International Workshop Series on New Trends in Nonequilibrium Systems. 


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New Trends in Nonequilibrium Stochastic Multistable Systems and Memristors (nes2019)

Directors of the School: P. Hänggi, F. Marchesoni

Directors of the Course: O. Gorshkov, B. Spagnolo, D. Valenti
18-21 October 2019
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Scientific Committee

C. Beck
A. Carollo
P. Dimitrakis
C. Guarcello
A. Mikhaylov
S. Savel’ev
B. Spagnolo
D. Valenti

Organizing Committee

A. Carollo
C. Guarcello
A. Mikhaylov
B. Spagnolo
D. Valenti


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